Welcome to the Greene Farms Phases 6 and 7 Homeowners Association Website. The Primary goal of the Greene Farms Phases 6 & 7 Homeowners Association is to preserve, protect and enhance the property values of homes within our community. The Board of Directors responsibility is to enforce the Association’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for our Community. The Board of Directors is a group of residents within our Community that volunteer their time, and talents, to improve our neighborhood for the enjoyment of all residents. Each member is elected by their fellow neighbors within Greene Farms 6 & 7 to serve a minimum term of 2 years.

We look forward to you loving this neighborhood as much as we do. Ask how you can get involved in our community - whether it be with the Board, Pool Association, Neighborhood Watch/Street Captain - we want you to ask how you can be part of the community by volunteering.


As of the current year, assessed dues are $240 yearly.


All lots shall be cared for in a manner which perserves the value of all properties.


Please direct any concerns regarding neighbor or common properites to the Board.


Volunteer Board of Directors

President: Ryan Roosa
Vice President: AJ Winters
Treasurer: Jennifer Kuzminski
Members-at-Large: Jeff Kerner

HOA Dues Info

The current annual fee of $240.00 was due by February 15 of this year. If not paid by March 15, $20.00 late fees are added quarterly. Payment plans available upon request.

Modification Reqeusts

All property modifications must be approved by the Board before work can commence. Modification forms are located here.

Yard Maintenance Standards

Grass and weeds may not exceed 6" in height, basic weed control of landscaped areas using mulch or stone, dead plants should be removed in a timely fashion.